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Premier Brasil Eventos

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Simple and Tecnical Translation
It consists in changing to Portuguese a text written in another language, so that it becomes understandable to the reader who does not know the source language.


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German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Finish, French, Greek, Dutch, English, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Swedish

Since your contact, the work is accompanied by a specialized team, whose goal is put the office’s infrastructure at the service of our customers, be it to the accomplishment of cost estimate or to update the order progress or still to clarify possible doubts regarding the translation.

From the deadline needs and other specificities of each job or client, our Planning and Production Department establishes flows, deadlines and schedules so that everything is accomplished as requested by our client.

We are happy to have an administration composed by business administrators, with the market view required for each type of company. We believe that the translator knows more about translation and so on. In our team of experienced translators, we have lawyers, engineers, doctors, and people holding BAs in letters and translation, including sworn translators, among others. We have competence to handle large volumes of work, keeping the quality and the necessary terminological uniformity and always ensuring a reliable and accurate result.

In addition to our team, we have on-line staff, forming multidisciplinary teams of translators, to act in customized and complex projects, which combine several areas of expertise.

Following the translation, the review team examines each work, with the knowledge of post-graduates in the language.


Simple and Tecnical Translation
Sworn Translation
Simultaneous Translation
Consecutive Translation
Text Revision
Language Teaching in Company
Desktop Publishing
Reception and accompany in trips