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Premier Brasil Eventos

Premier Brasil Eventos

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Services marketing promotion in Brazil

Premier Events Brazil promocinal provides marketing services for the following areas: promotion, merchandising, events, web promotion, marketing promotion and relationship marketing.

Marketing and promotions:

- Special Offers with free distribution of prizes through contests, sweepstakes, coupons, free gifts or similar operations;

- Shares consist of offers, discounts, clearance sales, exchanges, collections, free samples, gifts, conditional sales with any items attached to products, prizes;

- Actions trial: demonstrations, tastings and sampling;

- Marketing activities of incentives: sales promotion and incentive programs to productivity and product development and service for effective incentive programs;

- Events of any kind, including product launch, corporate, social, cultural and sports;

- Products, equipment and services for events of all sizes;

- Organization and implementation of trade fairs, conventions, seminars, meetings, meetings, forums, symposia, congresses, courses, festivals, competitions, parades, celebrations, anniversaries, fairs, concerts, sponsorships, hearts, circuits;

- Cuponagens, literature and promotional materials point-of-sale;

- Design of packaging, branding, logos, logotypes, symbols, visual and other parts that involve the products;

- Corporate Identity;

- Shares of merchandising and POS material;

- Approach, blitz, sampling, tasting, trading post;

- Activities of relationship marketing, including management and coordination of direct marketing, DBM, CRM, telemarketing, call and contact center;

- Programs of sports marketing, cultural and social;

- Coordination and management of various types of research;

- Work of internal marketing;

- Internet and its use in the area;

- Creation of gifts, gimmicks, products, interactive / virtual;

- Human resources and technological expertise.