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Premier Brasil Eventos

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Production of cultural events

Premier Events Brazil shows the schedule for the production of cultural events. The production of cultural events is divided into 4 parts: the preparation and creation of the event, event planning, the event organization and execution of the event. Following is the schedule of basic cultural events:

Elaboration of cultural events:

Design Briefing Event
Definitions and objectives of the event
Study of the needs for event production
Research studies and training of the management team
Determine the target audience of the event
Initial studies of space requirements
Initial studies of the needs for services
Initial studies of financial resources available
Study of economic and financial feasibility of the event
Project design with all the items described above

Executive Event Planning: code>

Hiring of spaces for the event
Procurement of outsourced services for the event
Rental of sound equipment, lighting and computer
Engaging the services of food and drink
Implementation of the visual event
Preparation of graphic materials
Assignments of photography and filming
Hiring simultaneous translation
Procurement of transportation services (vans, mini buses, etc ...)
Reservations for lodging and / or event spaces
Selection and recruitment of staff / support (Corden, receptionists, etc ...)
Preparation and recruitment of the decoration of the event

Event Planning Executive (part II): code>

Deninição of the sponsors of
Developing strategies to promote the event
Evaluation and possible adjustments in the project
Definition of the programming event (date, time, etc ...)
Overall schedule and financial event

Organization and production of the event: code>

General meeting with all providers and support staff
Commercialization of space for sponsors
Registration of participants and registration
General legal advice (contracts, legal terms, etc. ..)
Invitations to celebrities, speakers and special guests
Coordination and oversight of suppliers and support staff
Final actions to promote the event

Implementation of the event: code>

General supervision of assembly (site, equipment, decoration, etc ...)
Registration and welcoming of participants
Oversight of outsourced services
Supervision of termination and dismantling of the event
Closing of accounts and final arrangements with suppliers
General reports about the event